Lyoness foundations


DHD Group – Lyoness partner

As an official partner of Lyoness, DHD Group collaborates directly with the Lyoness Child & Family and Greenfinity Foundation by directly donating a% of the turnover made through the Lyoness shopping community.


Child & family

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation (CFF) is a charitable Association based in Graz, Austria. Under the guiding principle “Education. Opportunities. Future.” we support children, adolescents and families in need worldwide.

The Lyoness Child & Family Foundation Association supports measures in the field of education under the main theme “education for all“, by constructing schools in socially and economically deprived regions of the world. We stand up for the rights of children and families and want to create access to education as well as to support educational facilities. The aim is to help people to help themselves.

In addition, we also provide material and financial assistance to impoverished regions to improve living conditions and the way of life, as well as providing emergency assistance.

The Lyoness CFF regards it as its duty to create a bridge between prevention activities and creating sustainability in the support of educational advancement.

Lyoness Greenfinity

The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation (GFF) was established in 2011 as a non-profit foundation. It is a politically independent, charitable organisation, which is actively involved in sustainably protecting the environment and realising innovative climate protection projects worldwide as well as promoting the use of renewable energies.

The Lyoness Greenfinity Foundation has been working on its first projects since 2012. It is important to the Greenfinity that Lyoness itself contributes to improving the environment and thus internal processes are being ecologically improved. Apart from these internal improvements the Greenfinity Foundation implements several local, regional and international climate protection projects. We always focus on the environment. Because of this the Foundation invests in innovative climate protection projects and the development of new technologies in the area of renewable energies is being promoted. The emissions compensated through the projects are being considered when determining the footprint and will continuously minimize it over the years.

The Foundations goals are to reduce the negative influence which humans have on our environment by means of innovative climate protection projects and to sustainably protect the environment.